ADAC technology platform - the next step in personalized immunotherapy

Taking precision medicine to a new level

- the next step in personalized immunotherapy -

Welcome to Strike Pharma! Using proprietary Adaptable Drug Affinity Conjugate (ADACTM) technology, we aim to take precision medicine to a new level, enabling development of individualized immunotherapeutic treatments based on the genetic profile of each patient’s tumor. Such highly targeted treatments offer the potential to increase therapeutic efficacy and reduce dosage levels thereby minimizing the risk of side effects.

ADAC technology - overcoming the challenges in immunotherapeutic development

To date, development of immunotherapeutic cancer treatment has mainly focused on identifying subtle differences present in the tumor microenvironment with the aim of creating a single entity, such as a peptide or antibody, that can be used to stimulate an immune response. However, efficient, targeted delivery and in vivo stability have largely been ignored leading to limited success in the clinic. At Strike Pharma we aim to overcome these challenges.

Recent News & Events

Strike Pharma presents latest developments at AACR 2023

Chief Scientific Officer, Associate Professor Sara Mangsbo, presented some of the latest data demonstrating progress in the development of the ADAC technology platform for precision cancer immunotherapy.

Funds awarded to study ADAC™ technology in depth

Research to be supported by Cancerfonden, one of Sweden’s largest financiers of cancer research

Strike Pharma continues expansion of management team

Joacim Elmén appointed as Director, CMC

Strike Pharma and FyoniBio sign Master Service Agreement

Agreement covers Cell Line Development for a novel bi-specific therapeutic mAb

Strike Pharma’s Chief Scientific Officer receives BiotechBuilders Award 2022

Dr. Sara Mangsbo acknowledged for entrepreneurship and her contribution to Swedish life science industry

Strike Pharma strengthens Board of Directors

Niclas Stiernholm elected as Chairman of the Board