Uppsala, Sweden – Strike Pharma, the company using its proprietary Adaptable Drug Affinity Conjugate (ADAC™) technology platform to develop individualized immunotherapeutic treatments, announced today that the company’s Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder, Dr. Sara Mangsbo, received the BiotechBuilders Award 2022 from the Stockholm BiotechBuilders Association.

BiotechBuilders (www.biotechbuilders.org) is an independent, non-profit networking organization for entrepreneurs and business professionals in the Swedish biotech and life science industry. Each year one exceptional entrepreneur receives the BiotechBuilders award as a token of appreciation and an inspiration to other individual drivers within the industry. The winner embodies entrepreneurial fundamentals, helping to pave the way for further development of the Swedish life science industry

Strike Pharma’s Chief Executive Officer, Mårten Winge, explained: “Sara is an important role model in the life science community. For more than a decade she has translated her research in immunological methodology and precision treatment of cancer into numerous patents and innovations. While working as Associate Professor and senior lecturer at Uppsala University, Sara has co-founded Strike Pharma as well as Immuneed (www.immuneed.com) and Vivologica (www.vivologica.com). In addition to her role as our Chief Scientific Officer, Sara is also an active board member of Strike Pharma and VivoLogica and the Chief Innovation Officer at Ultimovacs (www.ultimovacs.com). We are very proud to have Sara’s knowledge, drive and experience within our company.”

Dr. Mangsbo was presented with her award at the annual BiotechBuilders event held on August 29th.

About Strike Pharma (www.strikepharma.com)

Headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, Strike Pharma is using the company’s proprietary Adaptable Drug Affinity Conjugate (ADAC) technology to take precision medicine to a new level, enabling development of truly individualized immunotherapeutic treatments based on the genetic profile of each patient’s tumor. Such highly targeted treatment offers the potential to not only increase therapeutic efficacy, but also to reduce dosage levels thereby minimizing the risk of side effects.

Today, Strike Pharma’s development program is focused on selection of novel, clinically-relevant candidates for use as immunotherapeutic vaccines in the treatment of solid tumors. However, the company is confident that the ADAC technology platform has the potential to facilitate development of many other antibody-based therapeutics and that this novel approach will have a significant impact across a wide variety of disease indications within the rapidly developing field of personalized medicine.

Strike Pharma was founded in 2020 with the aim of commercializing ADAC technology. Investors include Eir Ventures, Flerie Invest, Uppsala University Invest, Almi Invest, SLU Invest and Monesi Förvaltnings.


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