Uppsala, Sweden and Berlin, Germany: Strike Pharma, whose proprietary Adaptable Drug Affinity Conjugate (ADAC) technology enables development of individualized immunotherapeutic treatments and FyoniBio, a CDO expert specialized in tailored cell line development, are pleased to announce the signing of a cell line development agreement for Strike Pharma`s novel, innovative therapeutic recombinant mAb candidate.
For the project, FyoniBio will use its versatile CHOnamite® cell line development platform comprising various host cell lines and enabling screening of different hosts to select the most suitable cell line to produce Strike Pharma’s new mAb format at the desired quality and yield.
“We are proud that Strike Pharma has selected FyoniBio as their preferred trusted partner, demonstrating that our highly potent, well-established CHOnamite® cell line platform is perfectly suited for complex protein formats”, outlined Dr. Lars Stöckl, Managing Director at FyoniBio.
“Strike Pharma is now entering an important new step in its short, but intense, company history. Dedicated work in recent months has resulted in careful selection of a lead compound that will now be prepared for manufacturing. We are happy to team up with the professional and highly skilled team at FyoniBio for this exciting next stage”, commented Mårten Winge, CEO at Strike Pharma.


About Strike Pharma (www.strikepharma.com)

Headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, Strike Pharma is using the company’s proprietary Adaptable Drug Affinity Conjugate (ADAC) technology to take precision medicine to a new level, enabling development of truly individualized immunotherapeutic treatments based on the genetic profile of each patient’s tumor. Such highly targeted treatment offers the potential to not only increase therapeutic efficacy, but also to reduce dosage levels thereby minimizing the risk of side effects.
Today, Strike Pharma’s development program is focused on selection of novel, clinically-relevant candidates for use as immunotherapeutic treatment of solid tumors. However, the company is confident that the ADAC technology platform has the potential to facilitate development of many other antibody-based therapeutics and that this novel approach will have a significant impact across a wide variety of disease indications within the rapidly developing field of personalized medicine.
Strike Pharma was founded in 2020 with the aim of commercializing ADAC technology. Investors include Eir Ventures, Flerie Invest, Uppsala University Invest, Almi Invest, SLU Invest and Monesi Förvaltnings.


Mårten Winge CEO
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About FyoniBio (www.fyonibio.com)

FyoniBio’s ISO-9001 certified service portfolio covers the development chain from cell line development, process development and in-depth analytical characterization, including bioassays and clinical sample monitoring under GCLP. FyoniBio’s expertise builds on the long-standing experience of our scientists who have developed various cell lines and processes which entered late-stage clinical trials. Our customized approaches enable rapid, high-titer cell line development in various mammalian host cell lines specialized in meeting individual product requirements. Besides our CHOnamite® platform, we provide the human GEX® platform, which is particularly suited for recombinant proteins with complex glycan structures. Furthermore, FyoniBio is highly skilled in mass spectrometry based in-depth analytical characterization of biopharmaceuticals and offers the whole package of clinical sample analysis from assay establishment, validation and measurement of clinical samples under GCLP.
All services are established according to our internal quality management system to assure compliance with international ISO standard and meeting international GMP standards.


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